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Johannesburg South Africa – DIACOM meeting

6-9 December 2017!! DIACOM Training. Do not miss this incredible event. Hosted in Johannesburg South-Africa by well-known expert Dr Khachatur Mkrtchyan. Limited space available, so hurry up and make sure you are part of the wonderful progress of our Diacom Team in Africa. New program URMIUM 2017 on the agenda.   For more details contact […]

Dymějový – čierny – mor

. MADAGASCAR – práve teraz. EURÓPA sa bojí, že imigranti prinesú so sebou ČIERNY (dýmějový) MOR. . Na MADAGASKARE je práve začiatok masového zamorenia ČIERNYM (dýmějovým) MOROM. Už zavreli školy, verejné úrady. Svetová zdravotnícka organizácia tam už doviezla 1,2 miliónov antibiotík. . My, exkluzívna skupina užívateľov DIACOM TECHNOLOGY – my sme na ten mor pripravení. . […]

Bubonic plague

. MADAGASCAR – right now. EUROPE scared of immigrants importing BUBONIC PLAGUE. . There´s a new large scale outbreak of BUBONIC PLAGUE in Madagascar. They´ve closed schools, public offices. WHO already exported 1.2 million antibiotics to Madagascar. . We, the exclusive group of DIACOM TECHNOLOGY users – we are prepared for it. . No worries […]

URMIUM 2016 versus 2017

. Which version of URMIUM is better? (People keep asking me) . OF COURSE THE LAST ONE !!! . The last version of URMIUM 2017 !!! . The same goes for DAVO 2017 !!! . Why the last one? . Apart from the visible new functions (Auto-etalon) there are numerous hidden updated system files that […]


. You do NOT need Lite-freq-USB (Troia, Utium) if you want to use DAVO 2017 connected to PLAZMOTRONIC. . Before doing anything – go to DIACOM TECHNOLOGY WEB PAGE: http://www.diacom.technology/Devices/Plazmotronic/ click on the link . Download the driver and install it on your new computer. (Without this driver it will not work together.) . . […]


HURAAAAA!!! The program DIACOM DAVO 2017 works ALONE with Plazmotronic via USB cable! No need for Lite-Freq-USB or Utium to run Plazmotronic direct from the computer. Check the new functions of DAVO 2017 – you will see that it offers you much much more than the previous version. It is NOT limited to 9 items […]


A lady came to me with a painful wart on her toe. She knew nothing about warts – what is the cause of warts. She did not believe me at first. But… But after 3 days of applying frequencies using DIACOM MEDIO + MAGNETO, the wart disintegrated and fell out. Now she has a FIRST […]


DIACOM STAR stands for:   DIACOM LITE FREQ USB – ultimate scanning + evaluating + META + DC + CHROMO DIACOM PLAZMOTRONIC – ultimate destroyer + charger DIACOM SOLO FREQ PERSONAL MEDIO – ultimate freedom in portability DIACOM MAGNETO MODUL – ultimate deep application DIACOM URMIUM – ultimate bio-resonance software DIACOM FREQ DAVO – ultimate […]


Dear users of DIACOM LiteFreqUSB. I would like to give you a little taste of what I have prepared for you.   A COMPARISON OF NEXUS AND URMIUM.    VERSUS    For all of you who are still living in dark (NEXUS) ages.   Your main argument is: We cannot find it in URMIUM. What […]